Enquiries service

Make an online request

This service allows a business to make requests for certain financial and non-financial actions online as follows:


  • request an interest review
  • transfer of a credit
  • request a refund (except GST/HST accounts)
  • initiate a payment search

All of the above requests are processed manually, and each request is promptly forwarded to the appropriate tax centre for action.


  • change mailing instructions (stop the CRA from sending paper statements, remittance vouchers, envelopes, or the GST/HST Tax Return for Registrants)
  • order additional remittance vouchers
  • request copies of notices and statements
  • request customized statements

In most cases, the system processes these requests within 24 hours. If the system is unable to respond automatically, the requests will be sent to a tax centre for processing. If the request requires correspondence to be generated, it will be sent by regular mail.

Submit an enquiry

Ask a question relating to a GST/HST return, GST/HST rebate, corporation return or specialty business returns account.

View enquiry status New

View an originally submitted enquiry, the status of an enquiry, and responses if they are available.

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