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The "Other information" area at the bottom of the T4 slip has boxes for you to enter codes and amounts that relate to employment commissions, taxable allowances and benefits, deductible amounts, fishers’ income, and other entries if they apply.

The boxes are not pre-numbered as they are in the top part of the slip. Enter the codes and amounts that apply to the employee.


Example of how to complete the boxes in the Other information section of the T4 slip


If more than six codes apply to the same employee, use an additional T4 slip. Do not repeat all the data on the additional slip. Enter only the employer’s name and address, and the employee’s SIN and name, and complete the required boxes in the "Other information" area. Report each code, and amount only once.

Codes you can use are:

Code 30 – Board and lodging
Code 31 – Special work site
Code 32 – Travel in a prescribed zone
Code 33 – Medical travel assistance
Code 34 – Personal use of employer's automobile or motor vehicle
Code 36 – Interest-free and low-interest loans
Code 37 – Employee home-relocation loan deduction
Code 38 – Security options benefits
Code 39 – Security options deduction – 110(1)(d)
Code 40 – Other taxable allowances and benefits
Code 41 – Security options deduction – 110(1)(d.1)
Code 42 – Employment commissions
Code 43 – Canadian Forces personnel and police deduction
Code 66 – Eligible retiring allowances
Code 67 – Non-eligible retiring allowances
Code 68 – Indian (exempt income) – Eligible retiring allowances
Code 69 – Indian (exempt income) – Non-eligible retiring allowances
Code 70 – Municipal officer's expense allowance
Code 71 – Indian (exempt income) – Employment
Code 72 – Section 122.3 income – Employment outside Canada
Code 73 – Number of days outside Canada
Code 74 – Past service contributions for 1989 or earlier years while a contributor
Code 75 – Past service contributions for 1989 or earlier years while not a contributor
Code 77 – Workers' compensation benefits repaid to the employer
Code 78 – Fishers – Gross income
Code 79 – Fishers – Net partnership amount
Code 80 – Fishers – Shareperson amount
Code 81 – Placement or employment agency workers – Gross income
Code 82 – Taxi drivers and drivers of other passenger-carrying vehicles – Gross income
Code 83 – Barbers or hairdressers – Gross income
Code 84 – Public transit pass
Code 85 – Employee-paid premiums for private health services plans
Code 86 – Security options election
Code 87 – Emergency services volunteer exempt amount
Code 88 – Indian (exempt income) – self-employment

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