Azzimova lazier way to shop

Azzimov is a leading search platform for products.

Azzimov is a lazier web and mobile shopping experience powered by an AI technology that generates dynamic results from millions of products, contextualizes the search, provides personalized guidance and recommendations.

Azzimov is on a mission!

Our mission is to figure out the best way for shoppers and merchants to get the best results with minimum effort required on their part. Our answer? The lazier way. Yes, lazier! We call for a reappropriation of the word, turning a seemingly bad quality into a good one. At Azzimov, a lazier way is a smarter way. In the end, it’s all about making life easier.

For shoppers, our goal is to provide them with one place to find all the information on products they are looking for, empowering them to make sound purchasing decisions.
For merchants, our goal is to provide them with one solution to efficiently manage their shopping platforms and sell more.

What's in a name

Azzimov is derived from Isaac Asimov, the science fiction author who wrote about robots with human-level intelligence.

Azzimov is the recipient of the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Global and Top 100 North America awards in 2012. Proof here and here.

2011Year founded,
03offices in Montreal,
China and India